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GCC achieves high Customer Satisfaction

GCC proudly announces the customer satisfaction survey results for 2020, demonstrating customer satisfaction degree surpassing, once more, the industry’s average. The survey, conducted among 100+ Corporate and SMB customers, covered four major activities with the following results:
Scoring (1 – 10)

Sales approach                                    9.13

Quality of Products                             9.11

Quality of Services                             9.09

Overall satisfaction with GCC           8.99

Moreover, GCC achieved a ‘world-class’ result of NPS (Net Promoter Score) scoring 74/100
(NPS measures the loyalty of partners (customers) and their willingness to recommend our company to others. Based on the scientific analysis tool, anything over 70/100 is considered a 'world class' NPS.)

The exceptionally high score of customer satisfaction, achieved for 23 years in a row, honors the company and its staff and encourages us to aim even higher. While thanking our customers who participated in the survey, we reconfirm the company’s management and staff commitment for products and services excellence

About GCC
GGC has a distinguished market presence in Cyprus as a System Integrator providing turnkey IT-based solutions and has built a strong reputation as technology professionals and employers. For 30 years the company has enjoyed considerable success serving the broader Government, semi-Government, Telecommunications, Utilities and Banking markets with core Business Solutions as well as IT Infrastructure, Networking, and Network Security Solutions.

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