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Who We Are

We are systems integrator and services provider that designs, manages, and optimizes today’s evolving technology environments to enable clients to leverage data in a digital age

Founded in 1987, and based in Cyprus, we are proud partners to the world’s leading information communication technology (ICT) companies

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Business Approach

Helping traditional communications service providers succeed in the digital age

The Telecom operators are finding themselves on a critical point as far as evolution of their industry is concerned. While they are forced by market forces -subscribers- to build new generation and high speed mobile and fixed networks, their mainstream offering – traditional source of revenue- is being commoditized making it very difficult for them to raise the funds necessary to meet the continuously growing demand of their customers

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Laying the foundation of digital government

A successful citizen experience hinges on rapid access to the tools and data needed to quickly make—and enact—informed decisions across multiple touchpoints, processes, channels, and systems. But as government becomes increasingly digitized, these efforts must be enabled and supported by a strong technology foundation.

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Embracing the new digital norm in a transforming financial services industry

The pace of change within the financial services industry continues to accelerate. Regulation, artificial intelligence, data analytics and digital transformation are redefining financial products and services. Your organisation needs 24/7 multichannel access and personalised services with rigorous cybersecurity and data privacy. We’ll help you harness new technologies to drive innovation and competitiveness, increase customer satisfaction, and improve operational efficiencies and agility.

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Digital is the future of Small Medium Enterprise

You don’t have to do everything by yourself. With the right IT solutions, you can partner with our proven IT experts for right-sized solutions for small and midsize organisations. If you’re just getting started or building momentum, we enable you to get more IT for your budget and more time for your business.

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Expertise & Technologies

Future-proof connectivity

Transform your network into an agile platform for digital business

We help turn your network into a digital transformation acceleration platform. We advise, implement, build, support, and manage every aspect of enterprise networks – from access, to wide area networks, data centre to cloud networking. We help you operate, optimise, and secure your network so you can manage performance, cost, and risk. Transform your network by implementing network function virtualisation and software-defined networking, virtualising and automating for hybrid IT, and connecting the Internet of Things.

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Transform your data centre

Improve your network performance and reduce costs through data centre networking.

Network and data centre complexity is an ongoing challenge. More devices means more applications needing greater speed and capacity. Application changes, hyper-convergence, mobility, the Internet of Things, and cloud also need to be considered in the light of the data centre and its capabilities. We help you transform your data centre network by modernising your technology, automating your operations, and reviewing and adjusting your financial and consumption models – all while ensuring greater data security and sustainability.

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Risk less, achieve more with cybersecurity

We help you to create an agile and predictive cybersecurity posture to mitigate cyber risks in today’s hybrid IT environment.

Cyberattacks abound in the digital age. Digital transformation and hybrid IT are pushing security perimeters off premises, into the cloud, and into the workplace. As a result, enforcing cybersecurity policies is more complex than ever. As you explore new ways of doing business, you need to balance risk with innovation. Our broad cybersecurity capabilities and consulting-led approach helps you navigate this complexity, and supports you in enabling your digital transformation while minimising risk. We help you create an agile and predictive security posture across your digital assets and the workplace.

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Embrace employee workstyles with digital workplace

The digital workplace has become a key differentiator in recruiting and retaining talent.

It may seem like technology is disrupting business models, but the real disruptive force is users’ enthusiasm for technology. This enthusiasm shifts markets and breaks down economic and social barriers. It fuels an appetite for communication and the sharing of ideas. It creates a culture of workplace collaboration. Productivity soars and a self-perpetuating cycle of innovation is kick-started. We believe the digital workplace allows you to accelerate your strategy.

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Embracing customer experience

Our customer experience solutions help you deliver a personalised CX strategy to take advantage of the opportunities created by digital.

When you concentrate on the customer, they concentrate on you. They expect ultra-connected experiences across any channel, whether it’s on the phone, in-store, on the web, using a mobile device or through wearables. Consumers want every interaction to be effortless, relevant and fast. In a time of widespread digital reinvention, customer experience (CX) will determine the winners and losers of tomorrow. It is now the true differentiator.

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