customer experience

Embracing customer experience

Helping you build powerful customer relationships through ultraconnected experiences.

Analytics and Location Engine

The Analytics and Location Engine (ALE) collects and analyzes data about Wi-Fi-enabled mobile devices while protecting personal privacy. This data is then integrated with third-party analytics solutions that translate it into actionable business intelligence

Customer Analytics

Understanding and harnessing the data created by customer interactions is critical to business performance. Customer analytics has become a key driver of business performance in the digital age.

Our solutions helps you make sense of your customer’s needs and expectations, enabling you to optimize business value by building better customer experiences. By shifting your focus from customer interactions to personalized, integrated customer journeys, you can achieve your business goals.

Location Analytics

Leverage data that reveals how your staff or customers move throughout your location. Use ALE to make smarter decisions that benefit your business.

Consulting services

Mapping a migration path and architectural design for your customer experience (CX) requires an in-depth understanding of your IT infrastructure, architecture, and relative inter-dependencies and risks.

We offer a unique blend of capabilities, assets, and experience that sets us apart from other service providers. Working with you, we optimize your business by developing a differentiated customer experience across a multitude of channels.

CX Services

Embrace digital and improve your customer experience to differentiate yourself in the market. Our services provide you with the right combination of people, processes, and technology to support your business objectives.